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Horse Around With Several Bridal Shower Games

There are a number of great games you can choose from if you’re the host of the bridal shower. You can find games that are serious, some that are silly but they will all contribute to the fun at the bridal shower party. It can be difficult to be the host of the event but it will definitely be a lot of fun if you get it right.

One great game to play is a test of how much the bride knows about her husband-to-be’s life. Ahead of the party, ask the groom some questions such as: what his favorite food is and where he was born. At the bridal shower, ask the bride that same questions you asked her groom and see how many she can answer correctly. Give her a well-deserved prize at the end.

One if the most popular bridal shower games is the "Toilet Paper Wedding Dress.” Put your guests into teams of two or five people and give them some rolls of toilet paper. Ask them to design a wedding dress made entirely from toilet paper and use a team member as a model. Give the teams a box of dress up accessories like jewelry and shoes so they use these items to compliment their toilet paper dress. Give them a time limit, say five minutes, and get the bride to judge which dress is the best. Make sure you have some prizes for the winning team.

Another game that’s an old time favorite is blindfolding the bride and getting her dressed in total darkness. She has to pretend that she’s on her honeymoon and there has been a power shut down. She now has to get dressed for the wedding night in total darkness. Blindfold her and give here two or three minutes to get dressed without the help of the guests. Make this game more fun by giving her garden gloves, a nightgown and items like oversized sunglasses. Make sure you have a camera on hand so everybody can remember these fun times.

Rather than putting the bride-to-be on the spot, put the guests on the spot by asking them all to put their purses in the middle of the room. Make a list of items that are usually found in a woman’s purse and give each item a point value. Give less common items a higher point value than the rest such as five points for sunglasses and two points for lipstick. Ask one guest to look in each purse and total up the points awarded for each item. Whoever has the highest number of unique items in their purse will get the highest score and therefore be the winner. Make sure you have a special prize on hand for them.

Bingo is a great bridal shower game and can be easily prepared before the party begins. Think about the gifts the bride may receive, such as towels and beauty products, and then put their pictures into the bingo card squares. When the bride opens her gifts, ask the guests to put a mark through the items. The guest with the most marked out items is the lucky winner.