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Great Tips For Bridal Shower Themes, Gifts And Games

A fun bridal shower gives guests the chance to give the bride beautiful yet practical gifts her and her groom will need in the future. The bridesmaids usually finance the shower while the maid of honor organizes everything. However, it’s becoming more and more common for family members to also help out. As long as the bride is the center of attention and everybody’s enjoying the event, you’re free to have a good time as well.

Make Good Use Of The Time Available

Throwing a successful bridal shower is simple but only if you give yourself plenty of time to arrange all the details. This means you should start at least two months before the shower. This will give you plenty of time to work out your budget, choose a theme, send out the invitations and organize the gifts. Ask the bride who she would like to invite and record necessary contact details for each guest such as names, phone numbers and email addresses. Make a list of desired gifts and check if the bride would like a "women’s-only" party or a co-ed event.

Once you’ve made up the guest list, you’ll need to choose the best location, date and time. It’s these details that will help you work out a budget. So get you (“your”) thinking cap on and choose a theme that will best allow the future bride to receive the gifts she needs. Deciding on the best decorations and the food is easy after you’ve chosen your theme.

Choosing A Bridal Shower Theme

If the bride already has most of the usual household items, go for a potluck theme by asking each guest to bring a unique dish to the shower. If the bride still needs a lot of common household objects, it’s best to ask her to register at a local store. Great ideas for themes enjoyed by all ages are romantic, culinary, seasonal or everyday themes.

A seasonal theme is great when it reflects the season in which the shower is held. For a springtime theme, encourage guests to bring pastel colored household objects or garden tools. As for winter, why not suggest warm fluffy blankets or soft towels as gifts?
An everyday theme party is one where the guests bring objects that are needed on a daily basis. Giving guests a particular time of the day to focus their gifts on will help a lot. For example, you can give coffee pots, washcloths and towels for the morning, sheets, blankets and bath products for in the evening.

A culinary themed bridal shower is a great setting for the bride to receive kitchen related gifts. Great gift ideas are cookbooks, pots, silverware, pans and dishtowels; whereas a romantic shower would focus on gifts related to candles, body oils, satin sheets and lingerie.

Keeping The Guests Entertained

To encourage guests to get to know one another, plan some fun activities such as icebreaker games. Seat the guests in a circle and ask the bride to tell a story about when she first kissed the groom. Ask everyone in turn to tell the story of their first kiss and then ask everybody to vote for the best story. Another really easy game to organize is word scramble. Write lots of wedding related words onto little pieces of paper and ask your guests to unscramble them as fast as possible. You could either give out favors for prizes or hand out bath soaps, truffles or candles for prizes.