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Great Ideas For Modern Yet Whimsical Bridal Shower Invitations

An essential part of planning a bridal shower is getting the invitations right and making sure the guests, as well as the bride, are looking forward to the occasion. Your invitations will inform your guests about the details and a modern yet whimsical style is ideal for a memorable shower.

Bridal Shower Invitations For A Garden Party

The perfect setting for a whimsical bridal shower is a beautiful garden or even better, a local botanical garden. Be creative and, instead of serving tea and sandwiches, fill up glasses with champagne cocktails and delight guests with helpings of angel cake, strawberries and chocolate.

As for the invitations, think about choosing a design bearing the bride’s favorite flower. If your shower is going to be held in late fall or winter, have an indoor party and fill the house with fresh flowers and colorful potted plants to give the shower a seclude garden feel.

Bridal Shower Invitations For An Enchanted Forest Party

Everybody loves fairytales so a wonderful bridal shower theme to use is the enchanted forest. Look for bridal shower invitations depicting a forest scene with birds flying above the clouds and a clear blue stream trickling alongside the forest. This whimsical theme will delight your guests and you can throw the shower either indoors or at a local beauty spot. Just remember to include a suitable clothing suggestion on the invitation.

Another great option for whimsical fairy tale invitations is to have them printed on deep pink paper. A silver or glittery tiara in the middle will add a sparkle to your invitations and the bride can even wear a tiara to her shower. If your budget allows and you have enough time, think about arranging a tour of your city in a carriage rider. Afterwards, you can all sit down to enjoy a late lunch and drink sherry in a local restaurant.

Bridal Shower Invitations For A Cocktail Theme

Incorporate a soft touch to your bridal shower cocktail theme by using pastel shades and beautiful flowers in your decorations. Send out invitations with a martini glass on the front with the edges of the glass highlighted in neon pink and green. To make your shower even more fun for guests, ask them to wear a bright pink or green item of clothing.

As a signature flower at the shower, find out which flower is the bride’s favorite. If she loves roses, choose a centerpiece full of romantic red roses. Sprinkle red flower petals over the tables and keep that feeling of sophistication at the shower by asking guests to dress up and thus make your whimsical touches come to life.

It doesn’t really matter how you decide to bring a capricious touch to the shower because it’s the invitations that create the first impression of your party. Make sure your invitations reflect your chosen theme as well as compliment it and you’ll successfully throw a memorable shower for the happy bride and her guests.