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Great Ideas For Bridal Shower Themes And Decorations

With all the planning that goes into organizing the perfect bridal shower, the best plan of action is to first think up a list of themes you could use. The chosen theme should reflect the bride’s personality and what she likes. You could use her favorite movie as a base for creating a movie themed shower or go for a different theme such as a Hawaiian, beach or Victorian theme.

Once you’ve chosen which theme you’re going to use, it’s time to decide on a design for the invitations. Try to find a design which best reflects the bridal shower theme and bear in mind your budget when choosing the paper, the vendor and how many invitations you need, especially if you’re having them custom made. Remember that you’ll save a lot of money by purchasing pre-made designs or making them yourself.

When you’ve sent out your invitations, you need to start thinking about the decorations because you’ll need to spend some time coordinating them with your chosen theme. Make sure they are practical as well as beautiful because you don’t want them breaking halfway through the shower. You’ll need tablecloths, centerpieces, glasses and banners to hang.

Bridal shower favors are a great way to thank everyone for coming and to show that you appreciate their presence. The key in choosing the most perfect favors is to weave in the bridal shower theme and you’ll also need to put aside some favors to give as prizes to the guests.

The final step and possibly the most fun part is to decide on which games to play during the shower. Well known games such as Toilet Paper Wedding Dress and the Balloon Pop games are great fun and ideal for a traditional bridal shower. Games that match your shower theme will help coordinate your shower and brings all of your ideas together. If you’ve opted for a western theme, why not play games, which involve cowboy hats and lassos?