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Great and Simple Baby Shower Favors To Give Your Guests

Baby showers are a great way for the mother-to-be to celebrate the pending birth of her child with her closest friends and family. The host or hostess may like to hand out party favors to all guests to show appreciation for their time, gifts and support. Choose a special trinket, either edible or non-edible, that all of your guests will love. You can even personalize the favors to make the recipients feel extra special. Just remember to always buy a few extra so you don’t fall short. Here’s a list of ideas just for you to get started.


Budget-friendly and practical, candles make an ideal gift. You can personalize them to add a special touch or simply decorate them yourself. The wide range available means you can choose a color, size and shape to suit your shower. Perhaps you would like candles shaped like cartoon characters or teddy bears? Or maybe one scented with aromatic oils or baby powder? You could even go all out and purchase glitter candles or candleholders.


Magnets make great baby shower favors because guests will be reminded of your shower every time they open the fridge. The magnet may even be used to hold a photo of your baby once it is born. Choose from many different colors, shapes and designs to suit your party.

Beauty Sets

Female guests will love beauty and bath themed shower favors. Get creative and personalize them with attractive wrapping and nametags. From lip balms to scented sachets to bath salts to body pouches, these favors are sure to be put to good use.

Photo Frames

With so many colors, shapes and designs available, you won’t have any trouble choosing one to suit the theme of your baby shower. You could even print the shower date on the frame to serve as an extra reminder. Choose silver or gold and get it engraved or simply pick up a plastic frame and fill it with a picture.


Not so budget-friendly but very appealing, crystals can make delightful baby shower favors. Choose an appropriate shape from the range available – be it a bootie or a pacifier – and watch your friends coo.

Stick To Your Budget

There are, however, many great favor options out there that won’t pull on the purse strings. From chocolates to notebooks, you can choose from many edible and non-edible treats. Buy a low-price product and dress it up with some ribbon and card.