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Give The Bride A Goofy Bridal Shower Gift

Bring some laughter to the bridal shower by keeping the gift giving light-hearted and fun. No one said it had to be boring and the bride is sure to appreciate a gift that’s out of the ordinary. However, it’s really important that you know the bride and the other guests really well so your gift choice isn’t considered or seen as inappropriate or offensive to some. This is important if you plan on giving some kind of naughty or sexual gag gift like edible knickers.

The bride-to-be is likely to be feeling stressed out with planning out the big day. No doubt she’ll welcome the humor a gag gift can bring. If you know a rather prudish guest is at the shower like the bride’s great aunt, give your gag gift to her in private.

Talk to the bride and the hostess of the shower to find out if a gag gift exchange party would work. This is great gift giving idea because everyone brings a gag gift and goes home with one as a reminder of the shower. Simply write on the bridal shower invitations that each guest must bring a wrapped gag gift.

On the day of the shower, give each guest a numbered tag and ask one guest to pick out a wrapped gift from the pile in the center of the room. The guest must then unwrap their gift and show it to the other guests. The next guest must chose either the previously opened gift or pick out another wrapped gift. Each guest will take a turn and the first person who opened a gift, can either keep their gift or take one from anyone at the shower. However, it’s more thoughtful to let the bride choose a gift this way.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to the variety of gag gifts you could pick out. Look around local speciality stores or take a look online; you’re guaranteed to find some great gifts, which will raise a giggle and a smile from everyone attending the shower.