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Get Creative With Your Bridal Shower Theme

If the task of hosting the bridal shower has fallen to you, it’s because the bride trusts you to make the right decisions. However, this is going to either be a challenge you can’t wait to get started with or it’s going to seem like a very daunting task. The best thing you can do is to choose a bridal shower theme because this is going to be a big help when it comes to choosing the decorations, food, games and favors.

You can go for a more traditional theme such as one related to the kitchen. It’s a popular theme, which dates back to when wives were expected to be homemakers and constantly busy in the kitchen. However, these days, it’s a great theme to adopt if the bride loves cooking; guests can shower her with gourmet ingredients, recipe books and cookery items. If, on the other hand, the bride has very little interest in or time for cooking, it’s best to opt for a theme which betters suits her personality and reflects who she is.

Think about what the bride loves such as a hobby or a favorite movie; this will help you choose a theme that is based entirely on what she likes. If you know she loves cherries, why not bake some cookies in a cherry shape or decorate the bridal shower cake with mini cherries. Make sure you serve what tickles her taste buds and arrange her favorite flowers around the room.

Don’t be shy to borrow a few ideas from the bride’s wedding or honeymoon to use at the bridal shower. If the married couple are going on honeymoon somewhere warm and will be spending lazy days on the beach, you could send out invitations bearing beach motifs or decorate the tables with seashells. With a beach theme you can ask guests to bring gifts related to the sea, sun and sand such as beach towels or flip-flops. Consider chipping in with the bridesmaids and presenting the bride with a beautiful piece of jewelry for her big day.

What about getting the bride back in touch with her roots by throwing a shower with all things related to where she’s originally from. This is great if she grew up in the south and then moved to New York because you can remind her of all the good things from back home. Lay out a spread of traditional food from that region and decorate the tables with flowers common to that area.

When choosing the theme, decorations, colors and the menu, always bear in mind that it’s the bride who is the most important person at the shower and the celebrations must reflect who she is as a person. Keep asking yourself if the bride would like the food you chose or if she would prefer one color to another. If your answer is positive then you’ve found the perfect touch to compliment her bridal shower.