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Fun Games To Choose For Your Next Bridal Shower

Bridal showers are a fun and exciting way to celebrate the bride-to-be’s last moments as a single woman. So when you’re the one responsible for organizing the shower, it’s vital that fun games are at the top of your list. To make sure everybody enjoys themselves, you’ll need some fresh and unique ideas. At the same time, a shower provides the chance for the future bride to bond with her guests again. Here is a collection of useful tips to help you plan a fabulous party.

Anyone who attends a bridal shower does so for the traditional games that are played with the bride. The ones you’ve probably already heard of are the Balloon Pop game, making a toilet paper wedding dress and the Life Thread Game. Choosing one of these games is a great way to bring some tradition to your party as well as fulfilling what the guests’ expectations.

Bridal shower puzzles are really easy and cost effective to make. You can make your own Word Find and Word Scramble games either on your computer or online. These gales are great because you can print them out for guests and even make your own Bingo game.

If you’ve chosen a theme for your bridal shower then that will really help you out with fresh ideas for games. For example, if you’ve gone for a Victorian theme, throw a costume competition or if you’ve chosen a Western theme, play some cowboy related games. If you prefer to be a little bit naughty, have a cheeky theme and get guests to model and vote on who brought the sexiest lingerie.

Get practical with your bridal shower game ideas by playing a Bridal Trivia quiz, as it’s fun and functional. The aim of the game is to see how well the guests know the bride and this can easily lead to the guests sharing their advice with her so she can use it in the future.