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Pre-wedding celebrations can include a bridal shower, wedding shower or both. The bridal shower is most often organized by the maid-of-honor and involves the bride celebrating the upcoming wedding with her close friends and family. However, some couples choose to waive tradition and celebrate together at a wedding shower. While guests typically shower the bride or the couple with gifts, sometimes the bride and groom can also choose to spoil their guests. Shower favors make a thoughtful touch to the celebration and can be a joy to shop for. The type of shower favors selected will depend on your style of shower, although most showers are still focused on the bride and her female friends.

Shower favors are a personal choice; some brides choose to have them while others don’t. The more traditional thinkers believe that gifts should be given by the guests to the bride and not vice-versa. However, party favors are a thoughtful way to show your guests your appreciate them; they also add a lot of fun to the celebration.

Fun Favors

The hunt for the perfect favor can be a fun experience. Because the host typically knows his or her wedding shower guests very well, gift choices can be more personalized and meaningful than the wedding ceremony’s more conservative favors. Bridal shower favors are usually matched to the theme of the celebration, such as beach or garden party, but should also be linked to the personality of the bride. Whether they are serious or a bit of fun, the favors should represent an aspect of the bride’s personality or one of her interests. For example, if she is obsessed with shoes then shoe-shaped key rings or playing cards would be amusing. Favors can hint at personal jokes or references and most guests should know the bride well enough to be able to join in on the fun.

Be Practical

Practical shower favors are often the most appreciated. While a silly joke favor may seem like a fun idea, make sure it is also useful so it doesn’t get stored away and forgotten. Mirrors, seed packets and playing cards are all fun and practical. You can choose from an array of designs, colors and personalized touches.

Match Favors To Theme

The theme of the shower is central to the decorations, games and party favors. Decide the theme first so that all other decisions can follow. The theme often reflects an aspect of the bride’s personality. For example, if she is interested in winter sports, bring this theme to the party with snowflake decorations, hot chocolate and favors such as snowflake-decorated candles.

Your guest count and total budget will be the guiding factors in shower favor selection. There are many great favor options out there but be reasonable. Get creative and hand-make your favors or perhaps add your own ribbons and tags. It is also important for the bride to be involved in the selection of favors.