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Four Tips To Follow When You Want To Throw A Successful Bridal Shower

When you are trying to organize a successful bridal shower party, it’s important to know where to begin so that your guests will have an experience to remember.

Tips To A Successful Bridal Shower Parties

Tip 1 – Fun Themes

The first building block is to choose a fun theme that will delight the bride-to-be and entertain the guests. You could pick a theme like Ladies Afternoon Lunch or go for a more traditional theme like Girly Pink and White. Perhaps you have a color in mind or you’ve been inspired by a beautiful fabric that you could use instead.

Finding fun decorations and accessories to your theme is easily accomplished. Just pop on over to your local party store and you’ll find an endless amount of balloons, banners, plates, cups and napkins. If you’re looking for something a little bit more specific then do a quick search online and you won’t be disappointed. You can also ask around friends and neighbors for bowls and centerpieces that you could borrow for the event.

Tip 2 – Color Themes

If you’ve decided on a color scheme rather than a fun theme, don’t just use one color, as this is rather dull and unimpressive. Use different shades of the same color or opposite colors. Another good way of making a color scheme work well is by using two or three colors. However, make sure you don’t mix colors that will have a negative impact.

The great thing about bridal shower decorations is that there is something for every budget. Brightly colored balloons help bring a room to life and you can make your own streamers from colored paper, ribbon and anything you’re inspired by in the local craft store.

Tip 3 – Flowers

Fresh flowers add color and fragrance to a room but don’t underestimate dried flowers, as there’s a great amount of choices available. Arrange flowers near the entrance and use colored pots to match the theme. You can even give guests small potted herbs or flower seeds as party favors.

Tip 4 – Mood Lighting

Soft lighting can either create a relaxing atmosphere or be uplifting depending on the lights you use. Strings of colored lantern add more of a party feel than candles do. However, that doesn’t mean candles should be overlooked, they are great as table decorations, for when the night is winding down or to add warmth to bookcases and corners.

Get things off to a good start by using logos and symbols, which represent love, romance and kindred spirits. A bridal shower umbrella symbolizes good wishes for the couple so put it at the top of your list of designs to use on your invitations, banners and Thank You notes.