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Four Tips For The Perfect Bridal Shower Cake

Bridal showers are never complete without a beautiful and delicious cake to help mark such a special occasion. So when you’ve chosen a location, bought favors for the guests and arranged for a variety of dishes, it’s time to think about a cake that all the guests will love. You could either have a cake specially made or, if you are a dab hand in the kitchen, you could make your own for a lot less money.

Four Tips To Making A Beautiful Cake Your Guests Will Love

Tip 1 – Choose A Flavor Everyone Will Love

It’s vital to choose a cake flavor that will suit all tastes. The usual cake flavors are chocolate or lemon sponge cake. These are popular favorites with most everybody. You can make your cake even more delightful with complimentary icing, frosting or a sweet filling.

Tip 2 – Reflect Your Theme

If there is a theme for your bridal shower, then choose a cake that reflects the theme. You can add edible decorations such as flowers made from icing, colored sprinkles or a beautiful ribbon around the sides of the cake. You can find a large selection of cake decorations available online or in local stores, which will delight your guests. You can also make your own cake decorations by using dried fruit, colored icing and chocolate chips. However, it’s best not to use nuts in case one of your guests has an allergy.

Tip 3 – Serve Your Cake Without The Mess

Now you need to think about how you’re going to serve the cake. Some cakes can easily be cut into pieces without too much mess and handed around on small plates. Another idea is to prepare the cake as individual cupcakes, each decorated to match the theme of the bridal shower.

Tip 4 - Silverware

Don’t forget to provide your guests with a choice of eating utensils and lot of napkins. No matter how you decide to serve your cake, it can be made even more special by giving your guests the option of adding a delicious sauce or ice cream. If you’re serving a chocolate sauce, then go for a rich chocolate sauce that anyone will find irresistible.