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Four Baby Shower Games To Amuse Your Guests

Baby shower games are a traditional way of bringing a sparkle to your party and entertaining your guests. You can create your own original games, play old time favorites or buy some fun games to bring some flair to your baby shower. Bringing people together in a fun and happy atmosphere will have your guests looking back on this occasion as a cherished memory.

As prizes for your guests, choose inexpensive baby items that they can give back to the parents-to-be. Put a baby wicker basket in the center of the room so guests can enjoy winning a prize; yet put them return it to the basket.

Some great baby shower games are:

Get creative with Baby Shower Bingo by making some cards on your computer and printing them out for all your guests.

The Clothespin game is great fun to play and your guests will love it. Give each person a clothespin as they arrive and tell them a keyword or action that’s forbidden such as not to say the chosen keyword. When a guest hears another person break the rules, they must take that person’s clothespin. Whoever has the most clothespin is the winner.

You can also make a Baby Word Scramble game on your computer with baby related words such as rattle, diaper and teething. Jumble up the letters, hand out a copy to each guest and give a prize to the person who finishes it first.

Baby Item Toss is played by handing the mother a large garbage bag once she’s comfortably seated in the middle of the room. Give each guest a baby related item such as baby clothing, shoes or toys. Each guest must take a guess at how many items the mother will be able to catch in her garbage bag. The guest closest to the amount she catches is the winner and the expectant mom can keep the items.

Baby showers are thrown to honor the miracle of life and to send blessings to the new baby. Although there’ll be fun and laughter, there’s always some stress but a baby showers helps to shift that focus to the blessings and help the parents prepare for their new baby.