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Five Unique Silver Bridal Shower Party Favors To Give Your Guests

It can be difficult to choose silver bridal party gifts especially if you want to give your guests something elegant and unique yet affordable. How do you go about giving them silver bridal shower party favors that don’t cost you a whole lot of money? Here are some great ideas for silver favors your guests will cherish you should consider.

Five Silver Bridal Shower Favors To Hand Out To Your Guests

Gift 1 –Silver Charms

Silver Charms are just perfect because they are small enough for guests to wear on a necklace as a keepsake or on a lucky charm bracelet. Think about Frog Princes, fairytale characters and charms you associate with love and romance such as hearts. You can even find Silver Charms that come as ready-made key rings. You can delight your guests even more by wrapping them in beautiful paper and adding a handwritten note.

Gift 2 – Silver Letters Attached To Jewelry

Spell out your guests’ names, initials or romantic words with individual silver letters that can easily be attached to a necklace or key chain. You could also mix and match the letters with cute little charms to make each favor more unique. If you’re not too fussy about guests making a mess, hand out little bags of silver confetti along with your favors so guests can throw sparkly love hearts or lucky horseshoes over the bride-to-be.

Gift 3 - Silver Bottle Stoppers

Silver bottle stoppers are always a favorite as they come in a wide range of designs and no kitchen is complete without one. There’s a great choice to be found online and special bridal shower bottle stoppers come in themed boxes along with a gift tag for you to personalize. If you’re looking for a really unique bottle stopper, there are some really beautiful Chinese designs that symbolize the eternal unification of the bride and groom. They are individually wrapped in a red sleeve and displayed in a velvet lined gift box that follows an Asian theme. An ideal favor that is elegant, original and practical.

Gift 4 - Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry can break your budget if you buy something for every guest. Some brides-to-be prefer to give silver jewelry to their closest friends or bridesmaids while giving smaller silver favors to the rest of the guests. Delicate silver necklaces would bring happy memories back to your bridesmaids and you can present them in soft velvet bags. Rings are difficult to buy because you’ll need to know the ring size; go for cute silver earrings instead.

Gift 5 - Tea Infusers

Tea Infusers are delightful favors as they are such a unique gift to give. If your bridal shower has a Tea Party theme, your guests will love this silver tea Infuser. It has a beautiful heart theme and the handle bears carefully cut out heart shapes. Each one is displayed in a soft green gift box with a teapot theme. They’re tied with ribbon and come with the choice of a cute heart-shaped Thank You tag or a matching personalized one.