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Five Popular Bridal Shower Games To Guests To Play

Traditionally started in the United States, bridal showers celebrate the bride-to-be’s journey from single life to married life. Bridal showers are now celebrated in both the US and Canada and it is usually the bride’s friends or close female family members who organize the shower, as it’s a party for giving gifts to the future bride. As they are such an important part of the bride’s journey into married life, everybody loves to celebrate this special occasion and to have an exclusive girls-only party.

The theme chosen for the bridal shower should reflect the interests of the bride, as she is the center of attention. You could choose a Tea Party theme, Kitchen or Cooking theme or even a Lingerie theme. Plan some different activities that act as icebreakers for the guests so they get to know one another better and feel more comfortable.

Deciding which bridal shower games to play depends on the chosen bridal shower theme. The best bridal shower games should be enjoyed by everyone, and for that reason, the top five games would be Bingo, the Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Game, a Scavenger Purse Hunt, Clothespin Game and making arts and crafts.

To play Bingo, you’ll need to buy some bingo cards or make your own. You’ll also need some markers and three or four gifts to give as prizes to the winners. Give the guests the cards and ask them to fill out the blanks with gifts that they think the bride will receive. Later, when the bride-to-be opens her gifts, get your guests to mark the gifts on their bingo cards. Whoever marks off items in a row is the winner.

The Clothespin Game starts by giving everybody a clothespin as they arrive and asking them to fasten it in a visible place on their clothes. Then choose a keyword and explain the rules of the game to your guests. The rules should be something like "don’t cross your legs" for the next hour or that they can’t say the keyword when they describe what gifts the bride has received. If a guest catches another guest breaking the rules then she can take the clothespin off the other person and wear it herself. The winner is the person who has the most clothespins on their clothes.

You’ll need to put your guests into small teams in order to play the Scavenger Hunt Game. Ask each guest to take three items out of their purses and give each item a point value. Common items like lipsticks and emery boards should be given low points while less common items should be given higher points. The team with the highest points is the winner.

The Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Games is great fun. Put your guests into teams and give them lots of toilet paper. Start a time limit (usually 10 minutes is sufficient) to make a wedding dress and model it on one of the team members. Let the bride be the judge of the best dress and give prizes to the winners.

Making arts and crafts with your guests is a great way for them to have something to take home as a memory of the bridal shower. A great gift for the bride is to ask all your guests to write down some married life advice and decorate the piece of paper. Afterwards, the maid of honor would collect all the pages and make a beautiful book for the bride.