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Five Points To Consider When Choosing Bridal Shower Invitations

The most perfect and special day in any woman’s life is usually her wedding day so it’s no wonder that her bridal shower host will be feeling the pressure of organizing the perfect bridal shower. If you’re the host, you’ll naturally want all the details to be perfect. Here are five points to consider when choosing the bridal shower invitations:

Tip 1 – Guest list

The number of guests invited to your bridal shower is really an important point to take into consideration when choosing your invitations. If you’ve got a long list of guests and a small budget, it wouldn’t be practical to splash out beautiful yet expensive invitations. Look through your guest list to get an idea of the kind of invitations that would best suit your budget.

Tip 2 – Choose a theme

When it comes to choosing your bridal shower invitations, look for a theme that reflects the bridal shower. If you’ve decided on a beach theme for the shower, consider using invitations with a beach related motif. On the other hand, invitations with a saucy theme would better suit a lingerie themed bridal shower.

Tip 3 – The design

The design of your bridal shower invitations is usually determined by your chosen theme but you also have to consider the tone of the shower. Invitations with a more formal design will best suit a traditional shower, whereas a colorful design would be great for a more casual shower. Don’t forget that the first impression of your shower is created by the invitations.

Tip 4 – Printing

There are a lot of ways you can go about printing your invitations. If you’ve got a small budget then print them onto white card with a home printer. With a bigger budget or not much time, you can purchase pre-printed designs, which are a lot cheaper than having them specially designed and professionally printed. The option favored by many maids of honor is to simply order them online.

Tip 5 – Wording

There’s a lot to take into consideration when choosing the wording for your invitations. The wording needs to reflect the bridal shower theme and tone as well as the level of formality. You also need to include the date, location and time as well as any information the guests may need about the gifts or the dress code.