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Five Great Themes That Can Create A Memorable Bridal Shower

If you’ve been chosen as the bridal shower hostess, bring some spice to the party by choosing a theme that everyone will enjoy and make it an occasion to remember; it will also help you choose the decorations, the food and games to play. Here are five of the best bridal shower themes to help you out:

The Movies Diva Theme

If the bride-to-be loves going to the movies, ask the guests to come dressed as famous movie stars and decorate the walls with movie posters. Spend the evening showering the bride with movie related gifts like DVDs and memorabilia from her all time favorite movies. Be imaginative and make a mini biography of the happy couple from famous movies lines and take turns reading it out loud.

Lingerie Theme

Decorate the room with deep colors, luxurious fabrics and shower the bride with lingerie gifts. You could even try to entice the guests to wear their favorite lingerie if the guests are close friends of the bride. You don’t want to embarrass anyone so it’s best not to adopt this theme if her elderly grandmother is invited.

Garden Party Theme

Bring a spring feel to the shower by holding it outdoors in the fresh air. Decorate the tables with flowers, potted plants and herbs. Ask guests to come wearing sun hats and floral dresses. A nighttime shower can be just as special as during the day; hang lanterns from the trees and light floating candles.

The Pantry Theme

Give the bride a helping hand with the cooking by giving her gifts to use in the kitchen. Encourage guests to bring along recipes, gather together some ingredients and present the bride with some much needed kitchen accessories.

Pamper The Bride Theme

Help the bride-to-be relax before her big day by putting together gifts to pamper her with. Light scented candles, scatter big soft pillows around the room and play some soothing background music. Shower her with beauty products and ask everyone to share their hair and beauty tips.