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Finger Foods Galore: The Perfect Themed Finger Foods For Your Next Planned Bridal Shower

With lists of various preparations that make a bridal shower as perfect as the bride-to-be deserves, there are chances that hostesses will forget the simple touches that add depth to any bridal shower party… the food.

It’s unlikely that you’ve forgotten that food is a necessity at any bridal shower, regardless of the theme you choose to decorate in. No doubt you’ve considered what foods to make or have catered so you can scratch it off your “to do” list. Rather than brush aside the food as not important, make the food at the bridal shower fit with the theme. This is simple and easy to do with finger foods that will add flair to your preparations.

Extravagant Snacks

You don’t have to go the effort of having meals prepared for your bridal shower; after all, that can get expensive and can create a drowsy food, coma-induced crowd. Instead, consider having snacks. Everybody loves finger foods because they can all eat at their leisure and never have to feel guilty about it.

Your snacks can consist of just about anything including:

- Chips and salsa
- Grapes and cheese
- Smoked salmon
- Deep fried shrimp

Find a finger food that everyone will enjoy immensely and that there is plenty of it to go around. It’s always bad karma to have guests leave a party still hungry because there wasn’t enough food.

Themed Finger Foods

When you go to a fiesta, you’re going to find chips and salsa. When you go to a cocktail party, there will be cocktail shrimp and caviar. At a bridal shower, you can also have themed finger foods. For example, if you’re going to have a bridal shower theme that centers on baseball, you could have miniature finger hotdogs (or pigs in a blanket) with popcorn and other foods associated with baseball. There are many different types of food ideas (even finger food ideas) that are associated with a theme.

Food Preparation

There’s going to be plenty enough for you to do on the day of the event and preparing 100 little sandwiches is hardly something you want to spend time on when you have to get decorations and games set up for the actual bridal shower. Rather than spending the day preparing foods, try having everything ready the day before. If you’re catering then ensure your caterer is ready for the event (side note: it’s usually wise to pay in full after the food has been delivered).

After spending weeks preparing for a bridal shower, you don’t want the food to be the only bad thing about the party. Make the bridal shower special by having several snacks and finger foods prepared to fit the theme of the special event. Your guest of honor will really appreciate the added gesture.