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Essential Steps For Planning A Bridal Shower

As the saying goes, "a happy bridesmaid makes a happy bride" so a successful and memorable bridal shower is an absolute must. You’ll need to be well organized and by following these simple guidelines, you can help make this a happy, special occasion.

The first step is organizing a get together with the bridesmaids to decide on a suitable date for the bridal shower; this is normally held three to six weeks before the big day. You’ll also have to decide on a location such as a local reception hall or a friend’s house. Come up with a fun theme and carefully work out a budget.

The next step is to give each bridesmaid a task to carry out. Ask one person to find suitable invitations, paper products and decorations and another person to handle the gift-wrapping, cards and send out the invitations three weeks in advance of the shower. Ask all the planners to keep their receipts so that you can equally share out the costs between everybody. It’s usually the bridesmaids who put together the bridal shower menu. Make sure guests have a selection of six to eight food items; so long as the shower is to be held between meal times. Don’t forget that guests will love the variety. Those on a diet will appreciate a choice of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Hold another get together a week before the shower to keep track of all the details and how many guests have confirmed their attendance. You can cover last minute details and arrange a time to meet at the chosen location to arrange the decorations. If you’re holding the shower at a friend’s house, suggest a time to help her with the cleaning. Make sure you have plenty of time to decorate and prepare the food, both the day before the shower as well as the day itself.

Don’t forget that you’ll need to dedicate an hour or two to cleaning up after the shower.
Even if you’ve carefully planned every detail, there’s always a chance that there may be a hiccup or two along the way. Remain calm, try not to stress and keep a smile on your face. You’ll help create a warm and friendly atmosphere, which everybody is looking forward to.