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Do It Yourself Bridal Shower Gifts For Your Guests

Spoiling your bridal shower guests with a little trinket or two makes them feel special and appreciated. It’s a great way to say thank you to your closest friends and family as your approach the big day. Handmade favors are a fine idea to help save costs and add a personal touch. A large selection of small favors helps keep everyone happy and will make guests feel comfortable.

DIY Favors

Making your own bridal shower favors is a creative way to keep costs down and make the gifts more meaningful. You can create the exact favors you desire, right down to color combinations and personalized tags. You’ll find that many shop-bought items can be made by hand, from food treats to crafty creations. Small bags filled with quality treats such as chocolates, mints or sweets make a simple gift. Bake a tray of muffins and wrap one or two in colored cellophane or tie up a popcorn ball for a tasty and fun treat.

Handmade, garden-themed shower favors also make ideal gifts. They look great and are very practical. These are particularly affective when coming from brides and grooms who are keen green-thumbs. You can fill small bags with seeds for flowers or vegetables and add attractive touches such as ribbons and personalized tags. These are especially good gifts to give if your budget is tight. You can even get extra creative and mix wild flower seeds to form a unique blend. Add a dried flower and planting instructions to complete the gift.

To Market, To Market

Shop-bought gifts open up the range of possibilities and include everything from food and craft items to liquor and home wares. Browse online or in your local store for some great gift ideas. Sachets of tea leaves, candles, bookmarks and bath sets all make very practical presents. Consider the shower theme to tie in to the party favors. Also, take note of the gift’s purpose: do you want the favors to be used at the shower as well as in the future? Personalized champagne glasses are ideal because they can be used at the party and then taken home by guests afterwards.

Keep in mind the theme of the party and your own preferences when selecting your shower favors. They should represent both you and your husband-to-be and also be meaningful to your guests.