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Create Your Own Puzzle Baby Shower Game

Baby shower puzzles and word searches are great fun because your guests will love doing something different from the usual party games. It’s really easy to make your own puzzles or, if you don’t have time, you can use an online puzzle generator.

If you want to make your puzzles really unique, ask the mom-to-be some questions so you can use her answers in the puzzles and word searches. This is a great way to see how well the guests know the expectant mom and they might even learn something new. If you’d rather surprise the mom-to-be then ask her friends and family for some information about the new baby.

Here are some questions you can ask:

- When is the baby due to arrive?
- What theme have they decided on for the nursery?
- What first name have they chosen for the new baby?
- Have they chosen a middle name?
- What’s the name of the family doctor?
- Which hospital will the baby be born in?
- What food has the Mom-to-be craved for during her pregnancy?
- Are there any foods that the Mom-to-be disliked during her pregnancy?
- What has been the Mom-to-be’s biggest complaint during pregnancy?
- What are the first names of the baby’s maternal grandparents?
- What are the names of the baby’s brothers and sisters?
- What is their family pet called?
- Which hobbies do the parents-to-be enjoy the most?
- Where does the mom-to-be like to eat out?

Don’t forget that some guests will be close friends and family so they’ll probably find most of the questions easy. Ask more difficult questions but remember to still keep some easy ones because some guests may not now the mommy so well.

What You’ll Need

Computer access - You can use online puzzle generators or a software program that can make different puzzles.

Plenty of paper - You can print your puzzles and make enough copies for your guests. Look in local stationary stores for printer paper that has a baby shower theme on it. Otherwise, use baby pink or baby blue paper if you know the gender of the baby.

Text Editors - Use a text editor such as Microsoft Word and print your own designs onto plain white paper. Microsoft Word has a great choice of clipart and different graphics you can match with your baby shower theme. Make sure you print a copy of the puzzle answer sheet and one copy on nice paper as a keepsake for the mom-to-be. Choose some special prizes for the winners

Aim for 15 to 20 questions so it’s more of a challenge for your guests. Other great puzzles you can do are crosswords, word scramble or word searches. It’s entirely up to what you what puzzles you choose because all of them are fun. Word search puzzles are the easiest to solve, as you only have to unscramble the words and find them.

On the day of the baby shower, give each of your guests a copy of the puzzle and clues. A good tip is to print them on the same page so you don’t have to hand out so many pieces of paper. Give your guests five to 10 minutes to finish each puzzle and then read out the answers so guests can learn something new about the parents-to-be. Hand out a baby shower favor to the guest with the most correct answers.