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Create Handcrafted Bridal Shower Gifts For Guests

Making your own bridal shower party favors adds a personal touch to the wedding celebrations. Get creative and whip up some thoughtful gifts that your friends will cherish for years to come. You can take inspiration from other showers, online searches and local shops and then assess your ideas to choose the ideal gift. Below are some pointers to help simplify the process.

Synchronize Your Ideas

The first step is to link your favors to the bridal shower theme. For example, if you’re holding a garden picnic, you could give out painted flowerpots; if you’re hosting a spa party, spoil guests with decorated loofah sponges. Ribbons and handmade nametags make your gifts extra special. You can also link the shower color scheme to the gifts and their packaging. Keep in mind the atmosphere of the party and choose favors that reflect this. Is it going to be an elegant affair or a more casual catch-up? Are you incorporating food items into the gift and, if so, will you cook them yourself or purchase them? Budget, timeframe and number of guests are all important factors to consider. Keep things simple and avoid taking on more than you are capable of completing.

Supply Selection

Once you have decided on the favors, you can work out exactly what supplies you will need. Multiply these by the number of guests you are expecting and purchase a few extra supplies so you will be covered if you make any mistakes. You may also need to buy containers for guests to take their gifts home in; boxes, tins or bags are useful. Stick to your budget and avoid adding extra bits at the last minute. Assemble a sample favor ahead of time; even simple favors can take longer to create than you imagine. If the favor requires a filler such as candy, fill the sample item to calculate how much you will need – don’t just judge by looking.

The Finishing Touch

Consider the presentation of your favors; finishing touches such as ribbons and nametags can make a huge difference. Buy ribbon on a spool and test how much you will need to buy in total. Opt for tags that can be written on at home. Write or print the bride or couple’s name and the date of the bridal shower or wedding. Personalized labels can make the favors more meaningful for guests; add a photo of the couple and attach it to the favor container. Labels can be easily attached to wine and perfume bottles, mint tins and CD covers. Also consider where and how you will present the favors at the party. Will you incorporate them into the party setting or leave them by the door? Will you need to make an attractive basket for them?

Homemade shower favors hold an extra appeal for guests; the time and effort you have put into creating them will be appreciated. Follow these simple steps to minimize stress and maximize enjoyment.