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Bridal Shower Know-How

A bridal shower is a wonderful celebration of the bride’s upcoming wedding. It gives female friends and family an opportunity to shower her with gifts to kick-start her new life. Some believe that bridal showers originally began when a bride chose an unsuitable groom, therefore foregoing her dowry and having to rely on friends to help her start her new life. Present day showers are a time for the bride to share her excitement with family and friends before her big day.

The Bridal Shower Hostess

Traditionally, the role of hostess falls to the maid of honor. However, if she is a member of the bride’s family, shower etiquette rules state that the role should go to someone else. While family members can be involved in the planning and organization of the event, they typically do not act as host.

Hostesses tend to pay for the bridal shower. However, if the event is a little more expensive, consider asking the other bridesmaids for financial assistance. They should also contribute to the organization process. If you need guests to contribute to the cost of the shower, make sure you include this on the invitation. Perhaps their money can be used in lieu of a gift.

Location, Location, Location

Many bridal showers are held in the hostess’s home but the location is up to the individual. Restaurants, beaches and parks are all great options. Perhaps you can incorporate an activity and hold the shower at the site.

Timing Is Everything

Bridal showers are typically held up to six months before the wedding. Around four months before the big day is ideal, as it won’t add to pre-wedding stress and will help build the excitement. If the wedding involves out-of-town guests, consider holding the shower a week before the wedding so they can attend both celebrations.

Sunday afternoons are considered the best time for a bridal shower; however, any day and time is suitable.

Who’s Who

When compiling the guest list, first ask the bride for a list of all the people invited to the wedding. (Of course, if the shower is a surprise, you’ll need to ask the groom and other immediate family.) All ladies in the wedding party along with close family of both the bride and groom ought to be invited. The bride’s closest female friends must also be added to the list.

Bridal showers are traditionally a female-only affair but these days, many brides opt for a co-gender guest list.

What To Do?

A bridal shower is all about having fun. Guests will spend the event sharing stories about the bride and getting to know each other before the wedding. The bride will also open her presents; it’s wise to have a friend nearby to record all gifts and donors. Food and drinks will be served; catering can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. Shower games are also popular to help kick-start the party spirit.