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Bridal Shower Gift Ideas; Shower Your Guests With Gifts

Bridal shower favors bring fun to the party and are a great way to thank your guests. A small gift lets your closest friends know you appreciate them and will make your shower more memorable. They are usually a reflection of the theme and are practical items that can be used by guests at a later date. Consider what functions you want your favors to perform. Will they be serving as prizes for games or will they be given out as guests leave? Will they be a part of the event or simply attractive decorations on the table? Try to choose shower favors that are unique, fun, useful and decorative.

Ladies will appreciate gifts such as scented lotions, lip balms and decorative candles. Liven things up by handing out garters at the shower and encouraging guests to wear them to the wedding reception for a fun group photo. Bookworms will love personalized bookmarks; choose ones that reflect the shower theme or add the wedding date to make it extra special. You could even attach a small gift voucher to a bookstore. Key rings and coasters make very practical gifts and come in a wide range of colors and designs. Small bags of chocolates, mints or candy can also double up as great prizes. If you are giving all guests the same favor, then choose gifts that are a little more generic such as miniature bottles of wine, bottle openers or bath sets. This will keep all guests happy.

The most important thing to keep in mind when selecting shower favors is to consider your guests’ interests; choose small gifts they will appreciate. Favors simply act as an aid to the shower so don’t stress and make the most of the celebrations.