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Bridal shower games are an integral part of the all-important event, congratulating the bride-to-be on her upcoming nuptials with the man of her dreams. Without any games, the party is rather dull and lifeless. Not much fun is being had other than the general conversation about when the wedding is going to be and how the bride feels about taking this step in her life. Games, no matter what they are, can and do spice up the party.

What kinds of games are you, the hostess, contemplating to put together and play? This will kind of depend on four factors including the ages of those invited, the bridal shower theme, if it is a traditional or modern bridal shower and the bride and your interests. The best thing about these games is that most are inexpensive to put together and play.

If you are planning a traditional bridal shower, consider games such as “The Wedding Dress”, “Balloon Pop” and “Life Thread”. However, if you want a more modern feel to your games, consider such games as “Bridal Bingo” and “What She Said”. Trivia games such as the “ABC” game are also a hit so don’t knock them out completely from your bridal shower events list. You can also go for theme-related games such as a kitchen-theme game (especially if the bride likes to tinker and cook in the kitchen).

No matter what games you put on, you will need to provider the winners with some prizes. These don’t need to be expensive and they can be rather useful. If you want to save on money, consider homemade items.

Are you looking for more unique, one of a kind bridal shower games to play for your next bridal shower event? Come check out all the different and memorable games available here.

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