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Bridal Shower Games Make The Most of Your Resources

Bridal showers are celebratory events filled with fun, silliness and hijinks where the bride can relax among the people she holds dearest in the world and be literally showered with attention, love and gifts. That is why, if you are responsible for organising the shower, you'll want it to be a night she'll remember fondly for the rest of her life. Bridal shower games will be high on your list of priorities.

Just like the old saying says 'the more, the merrier', it's important to get everyone involved and you can organise some really fun games made for guest participation simply by knowing your resources and making the most of them. Nowadays there are a lot of shower games available on the internet which you can simply print off and enjoy.

Start the Night Right

Guests have the habit of never arriving all at once so in order to keep the early birds entertained while you are greeting the others at the wedding shower, print some sheets beforehand containing the names of one half of some famous couples and tell them to jot down the names of their other half. They'll be having fun while you can complete other vital jobs.

When everyone has finally arrived, you have to take into consideration that not everyone will know everybody else (even though they all know the bride) and so to make the guests more of a bonded group try a game like 'Things you Know about the Bride'. Hand out paper and pens and get everyone to write something they know about the bride (stipulate that it can't be anything too risqué!) and then at the end make the bride read them out. Everyone will soon be together laughing out loud.

Just How Much Do you Know about the Happy Couple?

This game is a variation on 'Things You Know about the Bride' except it includes the groom as well - you have to remember the groom's family will be there too…- Print off a sheet of paper that has a list of 10 questions with two empty columns for the answers: one for the bride and one for the groom. The guests have to show their knowledge about the happy couple. Include questions like 'What is their favorite movie' or 'what is their favorite sport'. It will be quite surprising how many questions guests, especially family members, will get wrong. The bride should give the one with the most right answers a small prize or favour.

Nuptial Pictionary

This is a simple game based on Pictionary - the game where the players have to draw an object and make the others guess what it is. The only difference is that it has a bridal theme. Again resources from the internet will be useful here. Print off some cards that have items like wedding cakes, garters, rings and churches which people will have to draw and divide the guests into two teams. Those who guess the best take the prize.

Bridal Anagrams

Compile a list of words usually associated with weddings and scramble the letters around. If you find this too time consuming, again the internet has some surprising resources available for free. Print off the scrambled words and see how many the guests can work out within a set time of perhaps two to three minutes.

What Makes a Happy Marriage?

This is one to make the bride and probably all those already married laugh out loud. Print off from the internet small snippets of innocuous, bridal advice which is said to make a marriage last like 'never go to bed on an argument.' You can put them onto small cards shaped like a heart or perhaps just pink paper.

Put them into a hat and let the bride choose which one to read first. Then let the hat go round everyone in turn. At this point it is best to note that even the most innocent phrases can seem to carry an alternative meaning so it is probably more sensible to play this early on in the evening before everyone gets a little merry. Remember, older family members may be a bit offended if things get too boisterous.  

Just by using the resources that are freely available to you, you can make your best friend/sister's wedding shower absolutely perfect. The internet can provide you with a myriad of bridal shower games that can easily be printed off at practically no cost or time at all. It will be a great evening where everyone will feel you have done you absolute best to plan a wonderful night out. Your guests will appreciate it and most importantly the bride-to-be will appreciate it too.