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Bridal Shower Games: Fun Games For Your Guests To Play

When you’re hosting a bridal shower party, you’ll need to focus your energy on making this a really special occasion for the bride-to-be. At the same time, it needs to fun and exciting for the guests as well. Here are some easy bridal shower games that are quick to do and won’t break your budget.

Bridal trivia games need to be prepared before the party but they are great fun to play as they show the bride-to-be how well her guests actually know her. You can ask all sorts of questions like where the bride was born and what color shoes she is wearing the day of the party. Whoever has the most correct answers is the winner. Another great thing about this game is that you can adapt it to hold two separate trivia games.

A creative and easy game to play is the “ABC” Game. Why? All you’ll need are some sheets of paper that your guests will use to write the alphabet down on the left hand side. Ask guests to write as many words as they can next to each letter. However, the words have to be related to the wedding. “A“ could be for “Album“ and “B“ could be for “Bride-to-be.“ The guest who writes the most items in one minute is the winner.

Bridal shower puzzles like Word Find and Scramble can easily be made on your computer or on the Internet. Think of some words related the wedding like rings, church, reception hall, wedding gown and flower girls. Mix up the letters of each word and let your guests try to unscramble them. The winner is the fastest person to unscramble all the words correctly. As for a Word Find game, take similar words and hide them within a big square that contains all different letters of the alphabet. The winner is the first person to find all the words in the square.

Great prizes to give your guests for winning or taking part in the games are little gifts such as candleholders and photo frames. You can decorate each one with a little piece of ribbon or some cute bows.