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Bridal Shower Games: Four Games To Keep The Party Hoppin’

A fabulous bridal shower is one that’s full of laughter and fun, which has your guests talking about it long after the party’s over. So roll up your sleeves, get a pen and paper and start jotting down these brilliant bridal shower games.

Four Games To Play At A Bridal Shower

“So You Think You Know Each Other”

This game is just perfect because it’s easy to organize and great to play with close friends. It’s called “So you think you know each other” and the aim is to see how well your guests know the bride-to-be. Before the bridal shower, ask the bride some questions about herself and write down her answers. On the day of the bridal shower, ask your guests the same questions and see how well they know her. Give a special bridal shower favor to whoever has the most correct answers.

Book Of Marriage Advice

A wonderful gift for the bride-to-be is to ask all the guests to help make a Big Book of Marriage Advice. Before the bridal shower, call up your guests and ask them to bring their favorite marriage joke or piece of advice on a postcard. Pop the postcards into a wedding themed photo album and present it to the bride-to-be. Get her to read it out loud, as it’s a great conversation starter.

Funny Stories

Bring back good memories and have a giggle over a bottle of wine by asking guests to tell a funny story about the bride and groom-to-be. Let the bride get her revenge by telling her favorite stories involving the guests. Give a prize to the storyteller who gets the most laughs.


Bingo is loved by all ages so why not adapt it to suit your bridal shower theme? Provide guests with a list of wedding related words and ask guests to design their own bingo cards. Fill a gift basket with different bridal shower favors so you can give the winners a special prize that will remind them of this special occasion.