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When you are in charge of a bridal shower, it’s necessary to get all the items that will make the party a complete success. You need a bridal shower theme, invitations, decorations and party favors. However, these are not the only things you need to make it successful. The party will need food, which means you need to set up a bridal shower menu that will cater to everyone at the event. What you choose for the menu is entirely up to you.

When you are drafting up your menu, it’s very important that you know your budget. If you can afford it, why not cater the event? This allows you to spend more time on other bridal shower tasks such as decorating, buying party favors, etc. If your bridal shower is going to be held at a restaurant, you’ll have the venue’s menu to choose from.

However, if you don’t have either one of these luxuries, coming up with the menu can be quite easy. For instance, use the theme to create it; be mindful of your budget. If you overspend in this area, you’ll have to increase your budget entirely or spend less in other places.

If you’re unsure of what to serve for food, use the bridal shower theme for some guidance. For instance, if you have a tea party theme, make sure to have the party during the afternoon hours. Your menu can consist of a variety of things such as an assortment of different pastries, cookies, biscuits, lemon bars and more. Your menu can consist of many different foods but it should always include the bridal shower cake.

Want more information on what would make a great bridal shower menu? Read more of the website for helpful hints, dos and don’ts of bridal shower menus.

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