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Bridal Shower Favors To Hand To Guests

The bridal shower is much like a bachelor party for men; it is a fun get-together at which the bride bids goodbye to singlehood with the help of her closest female friends and relatives. Some claim that the ritual harks back to Roman times when its main purpose was to collect household gifts for the bride-to-be. In some countries, the shower is used to create a dowry for the female. In modern times, however, the shower is simply a fun pre-wedding celebration for the bride to enjoy with her friends.

The maid-of-honor or a close friend typically plans the bridal shower. Guests are primarily female, which makes for a light-hearted, girly party. Bridal and wedding showers involve plenty of singing, dancing, games and joking – and more often than not a male member of the bridal party attempting to gatecrash. Party favors are a great way to keep the fun of the shower rolling and the memories ingrained for years to come.

Favors For Females

Bridal shower guests are typically female, so the party favors should therefore be based on women’s interests. There are many possible items out there that make suitable bridal shower favors. Products such as lip balm, notebooks, photo frames and bottle openers all make useful and thoughtful gifts. Flower seeds also make a really unique favor idea; wrap them in attractive packaging or petite bags and add a creative flourish with ribbons, instructions and tags. Seeds are a beautifully symbolic gift that will double as a reminder of your special day.

Personalize Gifts

Considering most of the guests at your bridal shower will be attending the wedding too, it’s important to make the shower favors different to your wedding favors. This can be achieved by personalizing the favors for the shower. Print the date of the shower on the gift to serve as a reminder for the guest. Candles, coasters and bookmarks can all be personalized with inscriptions or images.

If you are in charge of bridal shower preparations, make sure you choose a thoughtful selection of favors that your guests will love.