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Bridal Shower Etiquette

Bridal showers are like any other social function; it has its own set of etiquette rules that should be adhered to. The first rule of any bridal shower is that brides-to-be should never be the ones to throw the party, as many traditionalists see this as bad taste and greedy. The person who is typically responsible for the bridal shower is the maid of honor and sometimes the bridesmaids will end up lending a helping hand. It is not uncommon for the bride’s mother or sister to help out as well.

One rule of bridal shower etiquette is that invitations match the party’s theme. Remember the invitation is going to include all sorts of details including the date of the party, what time it is going to be held, where it will take place and what to expect. You should also include directions for those guests unfamiliar with the chosen venue. Bridal shower hostesses should send invitations out four to six weeks before the date. This allows the guests plenty of time to plan for the event and shop for the bride. If the bride has a bridal registry, ensure that this information is included in those invitations.

Games often help move the party along and keep it interesting for the guests. As a good rule of thumb, ensure games are age appropriate and don’t embarrass the bride-to-be. Also ensure you have enough party favors and prizes to hand out to the winners of these games. These little mementos don’t have to cost a lot and can even be homemade.

Bridal shower hostesses have the important task to make sure the event goes off without a hitch. She must ensure that all etiquette rules are followed from the time invitations are brought until the Thank You cards have been delivered.

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