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Bridal Shower Etiquette for Second Marriages

There are bridal shower etiquette rules for first marriages along with second marriages. Some traditionalists believe showers should not be held for subsequent marriages; other people believe the shower celebration is an important part of any wedding, no matter what marriage it is attributed to. Before offending anyone, make sure you know the bridal shower etiquette rules and apply them as well as you can.

Family members or close friends should host the bridal showers; however, the bride should never throw her own bridal shower. It is important for the host to first check with the bride and groom to ensure that they want a shower (as some decide they don’t want a big deal made of their wedding). When it comes to second marriages, some couples may prefer a party. They may have all that they need in the way of household items and prefer that guests come without gifts.

The guest list should be small, making sure that only very close family and friends are invited. Some guests may be offended when asked to bring a gift to a shower for a second marriage.

Party favors are an important part of the bridal shower. If you need help, browse online or in shops for ideas. Bridal shower favors should complement the wedding favors and show guests just how much they are appreciated.

Bridal showers for second marriages may require a bit of extra thought but they are well worth the effort. Keep these simple rules of etiquette in mind and all will enjoy the celebration.