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Bridal and Wedding Shower Favors

Bridal/wedding shower hostesses have the option to hand out or not hand out party favors. Some hostesses believe it’s a must to hand them out while others feel the gifts should be handed out to the bride/couple and not the guests.

Before the hostesses can purchase/create these bridal and wedding shower favors, she needs to know her budget. If she finds she has a large amount of money to work with, she can come up with various party favors to purchase. However, she doesn’t have to spend a lot to get great party favors that are bound to remind guests for many months to come of the event. Some great inexpensive ideas include decorative strawberry, chocolate, coconut and jade scented candles.

A great way to handle what to get for party favors is to use the bridal/wedding shower theme. If the bridal/wedding shower has a beach theme, consider handing out shell/sand ornaments or if the shower is a garden theme, purchase rose-colored candles or bookmarks.

Besides theme-related party favors, you can also personalize your gifts by engraving them with the couple’s name and the wedding date. You can also purchase items that reflect what the bride and groom like in their life. For instance, if the couple loves to watch sports, hand out sports’ themed trinkets such as basketball, soccer or football key chains. If the bride has a green thumb, purchase flower seeds and place them in bags, tying them off with a color attractive ribbon.

Many brick and mortar shops will have bridal/wedding shower have party favors available. However, if you want more available options, turn to the Internet. You can find many expensive and inexpensive party favors for sell on the Web. Still need help? Read the following information for helpful advice and hints about party favors.

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