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Baby Shower Menu: Creating A Menu for “Laps”

Baby showers aren’t just to give away presents but to celebrate the event of a child coming into this world. It’s an event that involves guests and food. Have you ever been to any celebration where food wasn’t involved? Food is essential to any baby shower. It pleases your guests, making you the generous host, but more importantly, it really shows the true nature of the celebration you’re having with friends and family of the parents-to-be.

Eating Arrangements

There are a number of factors to calculate into the types of food you’re going to serve. Namely, you’ll have to take into consideration the eating arrangements: are people going to be holding their plates on laps or will there be table space for the every guest? It’s hard to have a steak on a paper plate while using plastic utensils and holding that plate on a lap. However, if you have the accommodations to have a steak lunch/dinner and that’s what you wish to have, then by all means do so.

More than likely you’re going to have a large group of mostly women and you’re going to want to sit in a room and chat; most people will be holding plates on laps. If that’s the case then here are a few foods that can be easily prepared, placed on a paper and held in a lap.

Lap Plate Food Options

Taquitos and Sauces: Buy some premade taquitos and warm them up in either a microwave or oven. Have a variety of sauces like ranch, salsa, Verde sauce or any other sauce you choose. You can purchase beef and chicken taquitos to give some variety.

Fruit Platter: Using watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, kiwi, strawberries, berries or any fruit you choose to create a fruit platter (if you choose apples, dip them in lemon sauce so they don’t brown; if you choose bananas, keep the peels on so they don’t color) . The fruit can be plain or spiced up with different kinds of dip including yogurt, caramel or chocolate.

Vegetable Platter: Vegetable platters are always a great success since there are a variety of vegetables to choose from including carrots, broccoli, cauliflower etc.

Chips and Salsa: Chips and salsa are an exotic treat especially if you make homemade salsa. Any form of dip you choose will taste fantastic and everyone will enjoy.

Miniature sandwiches: This is always a special treat. Miniature sandwiches are filling and can add variety to your menu. There is an assortment of sandwiches to make from cheese to turkey to cucumber.

Want or need even more ideas, look up recipes for appetizers like:

- Deviled Eggs
- Chicken Fingers
- Mozzarella Sticks
- Pigs in a Blanket
- Lettuce Wraps
- Cocktail Meatballs
- Spinach Artichoke Dip
- Seafood Platter
- BBQ Weiner Dogs

Once you find the right combination of food to keep your guests full and the party alive, everyone will be able to relax, snack and have a great time. Planning a baby shower and a menu for such an event doesn’t have to be taxing; make it fun by creating little treats that everyone will enjoy.