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Baby, Blue and Boys: Planning a Baby Shower Menu Around A Theme

Friends and family love to gather around for celebration especially when it’s a celebration to welcome a new person into this world. Baby showers are a great reason for everyone to get together and celebrate with the expecting parents, showering them with gifts for the couple and their unborn child. Since baby showers are such a momentous occasion, the menu should be considered an essential part. Rather than preparing an elaborate meal for a large party, choose some easy foods that will be appreciated by your guests and your wallet.

A baby shower is going to be full of commemoration and usually takes place a few weeks before the baby’s birth. However, it’s generally held after the parents know whether the baby is a boy or a girl. While some cultures don’t believe in giving gifts to an expecting mother, many cultures have embraced the idea of a baby shower and love to celebrate with the expectant parents over gifts and food.

Between party favors, decorations, food, invitations, etc., planning a baby shower can be difficult and takes a lot of time.

If you find yourself planning for such an exciting party, you’re probably considering all the options you have. A fantastic option is to have scrumptious food that everyone can enjoy but one where you don’t have to spend days preparing. Food is an important part of the event since it helps keep a light atmosphere and people happy; after all, most people love to eat.

Preparing A Menu

Baby showers are usually held in the mid-afternoon. For that reason, an assortment of sandwiches—ham, cheese, beef, turkey, chicken, etc—with a few side options like pasta salad, fries, cookies, chips, veggie sticks, green salad, Jell-O salad, etc. are a good idea. For finger foods, you have options like miniature pizzas, veggie sticks, mozzarella sticks, etc. Desserts are also a welcome choice whether you’re having a full sit-down meal or just finger food snacks to appease your guests. Desserts such as cake, pie, ice cream, cupcakes and brownies are always a great hit.

Full meals are not always necessary; you could opt for snack foods such as a mixture of veggies, fruits and chips with some small finger dessert as a final touch.

Themed Menu

Your food doesn’t have to be a random commodity that doesn’t fit in with the rest of your party’s theme. You can find foods that are associated with a particular theme plus take a few extra steps to accommodate the theme, too. If you want the theme to be centered on the color blue (since the ultrasound shows the baby is a boy) then find blue foods or dye some foods blue. You don’t even need to make it gender orientated; just make it baby-orientated. You could even go so far as to have the drinks be served in baby bottles. As the host, it’s entirely up to you.

Having a baby shower is meant to be a commemorative event that also provides the parents-to-be with essential and needed items to help them with this added part of their family. By having the right menu, your planned baby shower will be a great success.