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Afternoon Tea Party: A Fun Bridal Shower Theme for All Women to Enjoy

A bridal shower is a fun experience that allows friends and family to get together and celebrate a very special occasion: the future marriage and life of a couple. There are varying levels of bridal showers including but not limited to:

- Silly to sexy
- Family oriented to adult only,
- Everyone to ladies only

For a ladies-only party, you can find tons of ideas that are special and elegant to truly reflect the bride-to-be. Why not plan for an afternoon tea party?

Once you decide on the afternoon tea party theme for a bridal shower, you’ll have a few preparations to make. Each one will be a fun and charming addition to the party, bound to make the event all the more special.


For a more vintage invitation to fit the theme of afternoon tea, there are a few creative options you can do. For a tea party, try doing something as simple and elegant as a gold embroidered teapot on the front to something graceful and Victorian like parchment that uses fancy curly font like Lucida. If you’re more interested in an Asian afternoon tea party theme then use rice paper for that special touch to your invitations.

Food Accommodations

For a more classic afternoon tea bridal shower, you should have an actual tea set (or at least a real teapot) so you don’t have mugs and tea bags. You really want to emphasize on the elegance of what this afternoon tea party is representing. Not only will you want a teapot, you’ll also want cream, sugar cubes (complete with serving tongs) and even some wedges of lemon. You’ll also want to be considerate and have a few different options of tea (such as caffeine-free tea).

Afternoon tea isn’t all about the tea; a large portion of your preparation should be dedicated to the foods, too. There is an assortment of foods you can arrange for others to eat at your afternoon tea bridal shower. Pastries are basically a must and can consist of éclairs to mini cheesecakes with fruit toppings. Small cookies (or biscuits), lemon bars and anything chocolate are all appropriate for an afternoon tea bridal shower.

You’re also going to want to consider heavier, more filling foods. Miniature sandwiches are always a great hit. You can go with the classic cucumber sandwich to cream cheese to chicken salad. All can be cut into cute little squares or triangles without the crust. They make a perfect finger food.

An afternoon tea themed bridal shower is a splendid way to have class, be elegant and have a genteel environment for ladies of any age. Grown women aren’t the only ones who enjoy a grand afternoon tea party; all the little flower girls would love to participate in such an event, too. You’ll have a great time sitting, eating, sipping tea and gossiping with friends and family while celebrating the future union of two very special people.