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We are a group of friends who are interested in helping both first-time and experienced bridal shower planners organize the most memorable event ever. We’ve all planned at least one shower before, and we want to share our tips and experiences with you. Our bridal shower website includes information on bridal shower themes, bridal shower games, bridal shower refreshments, bridal shower invitations – and much more. No matter what you need help with, Bridal Shower 4U has the answers.

And even if you think you already know what you’re doing, it never hurts to get additional ideas. Especially in today’s economy, having a lavish celebration isn’t always an option. Many of our ideas are real budget-savers, letting you save your money for where you most need it. Perhaps you’re willing to spend more on refreshments – but need ideas for inexpensive activities. We’ve got them – and thousands of visitors to our site agree that they are some of the best ideas they’ve ever read.

Let our experience guide you through this process. We’ve all attended amazing bridal showers, where all the elements came together beautifully, and the hostess’s poise and elegance carried off any bumps with ease. We’ve also been to bridal showers where the guests were uncomfortable, the hostess a disorganized mess, and the food and activities a total disaster. We can help you avoid common pitfalls, and teach you what to plan for, and whom to ask for help.

Our main content writers are Casey, Janie, Shania, and Della – we all have at least two bridal showers under our belts, and have attended many more. However, we couldn’t have done it without the support of our wonderful families – parents, husbands, and kids – who gave us the time and space we needed to plan and write. We are also very thankful to our friends and family members, who contributed ideas that they had experienced at other bridal showers.

At Bridal Shower 4U we have provided links to bridal shower supply and gift shops that can help you plan an unforgettable event – so be sure to check these out. It is our hope to continually update this site with new and fresh ideas. If you have any activities or theme ideas you’d like to share with us, or just have feedback or questions, we encourage you to contact us at: _______________________________.

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