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A Simple and Unique Bridal Shower Theme: Gourmet Bridal Shower

In order to really add definition to the next bridal shower you host, why don’t you do more than the usual routine of introducing everyone, opening gifts, playing a few of the same games and eating before everyone wishes good luck to the bride-to-be as they say their farewells? Change up the routine by adding a simple yet unique theme: gourmet bridal shower.

Depending on how large or small of a group you have will depend on where and what you do for a gourmet bridal shower theme. Here is an option to accommodate each group size:

Small Group:

Make your kitchen a gourmet test site where you and your guests will work to prepare various treats. Of course, you’ll already have tried each recipe so you’ll know exactly how to teach your guests what to do. This is a perfect activity for those that don’t know each other because they will soon meet. Rather than sitting in clusters with friends they know, they’ll all be moving around the kitchen helping prepare the food. Always ensure your invitations say what you’ll be doing since you might get some surprising ideas from guests.

If necessary, you may need to move the party to a larger kitchen. This gives everyone an opportunity to make something special for the event.

Large Group:

Since it would be difficult to use your own kitchen with a large group, consider having guests bring a copy of their favorite recipe along with some ingredients and equipment to make the food. This way you’ll be helping the couple stock up on necessary cookware as well as some great food.

You can even use the gourmet theme for games by using different cooking tools or recipes for prizes. See how well your guests know the bride and groom by testing the guests on the bride and groom’s favorite foods. Whoever manages to answer the most questions correctly gets an extra special prize. Have a “food contest” and have the guests bring their favorite recipe for the bride and groom to choose as their favorite.

Goody Bags

Not only do birthday parties have little goodie bags but bridal showers can too. Tie in your gourmet theme by finding small utensils. You can even go so far as to find love-themed kitchen utensils. Your guests will adore this added touch.

Bridal showers should be far more than just the same-old-same-old. Make a theme that has something to do with food. Everyone loves food—either preparing it or eating it (many times both)—and you’ll be helping your guests find the perfect bridal shower gift by guiding them to the kitchen section. The next time you have a bridal shower (whether large or small), plan a gourmet themed affair so the food is more than something to fill time but is actually a pleasant part of the bridal shower.