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A Past-time Favorite To Enjoy At Bridal Showers

Bridal showers bring everybody together to celebrate your special day. With friends and family of all ages, it’s important to organize party activities that will be enjoyed by all guests. However, if you plan to play games that may not be suitable for children, it’s a good idea to give your games a rating. Break the ice at the start of the party with a “warm up” game to encourage all guests to interact.

A Favorite Past-time With A Twist - Bingo

A much-loved, past-time favorite is “Bingo” as it is fun and easy to play. You can buy ready-made bingo cards with different themes or you could make your own. If you don’t want to do that, you could ask your guests to design and make their own. When you do this, your guests are entertained. It’s a great after dinner activity, as everybody will be feeling content from the wonderful food; they’ll welcome a non-strenuous game.

Before the day of the bridal shower, buy some colored card, crepe paper, glue, glitter and colored pens. If you’re on a small budget, look around your house for what you could use. Hunt out old Christmas decorations you don’t want and find some old magazines. Guests will have fun looking for pictures and words they can use on their cards.

Lay out all your materials on a long table with your guests seated around it. Tell them they first have to make their own Bingo Cards but instead of using the traditional Bingo numbers, they should decorate their cards with romantic motifs and words like bridesmaids, ceremony and marriage. Before the activities begin, tell them that everybody will vote on who has the best design and the winner will receive a special prize. Give your guests a time limit but keep the clock ticking if everybody’s having fun.

When everybody has voted for the winner and they’ve received a special prize, start playing bingo. Give prizes for those who win and keep a box of chocolate almonds or cupcakes on hand as an extra prize for the younger guests. Make sure there are enough refreshments and light snacks available for your guests and play some background music to help create a fun atmosphere.