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7 Great Bridal Shower Themes To Help In Choosing Favors

A great way to thank your guests for coming to your bridal shower is to present them with favors. Not only do they show your guests how much you appreciate their friendship but they also act as great keepsakes for years to come.

The first step of planning a bridal shower is to choose the theme since this helps you pull together all the shower details and plan a fun filled day. As there are so many themes to choose from, here is a selection of the best to help you with the shower plans, choosing a gift for the bride and finding the right favors for the guests.

The Tea Party Theme

Ask your guests to come wearing hats, elegant gloves and flowery dresses. Serve hot tea in delightful teacups and delight your guests with a light lunch of mini sandwiches and delicious pastries. Give your guests personalized tea bags or a dainty teacup as favors and present the bride with a mini tea set.

Choose A Room Theme

Give each guest a room of the house to coordinate their gifts with, as this will help the bride fill her new home with the items she’ll need. Make sure you make a list of gifts the bride would like to avoid so she is not overwhelmed with too many of the same items or items you don’t want.

Stock The Bar Theme

Send out the invitations and include a note asking each guest to bring an alcoholic beverage like red wines, champagne and liquors. This will ensure that the bride and groom’s bar is well stocked for all the upcoming celebrations.

Wine Tasting Theme

Why not go all out and arrange a wine tasting in a local winery? Although wine would seem the obvious favor to give your guests, you could also consider silver wine stoppers, cute cocktail shakers, wine glasses and bottle openers.

Lingerie Theme

Create a cosy and relaxed atmosphere by lighting scented candles, handing out cute chocolates and sprinkling rose petals around the room. Give guests big soft cushions to relax on and shower the bride with lingerie and romantic gifts

Honeymoon Theme

Find out where the bride and groom have planned to spend their honeymoon and ask guests to bring along gifts related to their chosen destination. Great gift ideas are city guides, luggage tags, suitcases and cute travel bags.

Pyjama (Pajama) Party Theme

Have a girly night together sharing funny stories and beauty tips by asking everyone to come wearing their pajamas to the shower. Ideal favors for this shower theme are mini manicure sets, fluffy slippers, cute make-up bags and monogrammed eye masks.

When you’ve decided on your theme, there’s nothing stopping you from choosing favors unrelated to the theme. There’s a great selection of gifts available online or in local bridal stores so you’ll be able to find something great to suit everyone’s tastes.