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10 Great Baby Shower Gifts For Under 10 Dollars

If you’ve got an upcoming baby shower to attend but you’re on a tight budget, there are a great number of gifts available that won’t leave your pockets feeling empty. Consider 10 under $10 baby shower gifts to give the mom-to-be a practical yet fun gift to welcome her new baby.

10 Great Baby Shower Gifts, All For Under $10

Baby Clothes

Pick up some cute baby clothes in the sales area and take advantage of those great deals where you buy one item and get the second one half price. With $10, you’ll be able to find adorable jumpsuits, mittens and cute socks. Go for out of season clothing, as these are usually on sale. You might want to buy clothes a size too big for the baby since they tend to grow out of them quickly.

Gift Baskets

Put together your own basket of inexpensive gifts from discount stores. $10 will get you a surprisingly large number of items to fill your basket with. Buying travel-sized items will help the new mom pack even more into her diaper bag. Great items to include are towels, bottles, diapers, washcloths, colorful rattles and a small teddy bear

Children’s Books

There’s a great choice of children’s stories and nursery rhyme books available online. You can choose different titles or pick up a set for less than $10. You can also visit your local bookstore and see what they have on their clearance shelves.

Handmade Gifts

Get creative and make your own gifts; it’s easy enough to do with $10 and the new mom will be delighted with what you’ve made. If you’re good at sewing, why not do a cross stitch with the baby’s name and birthday on it or knit some cute booties? You could even make a personalized blanket for the baby in mom’s favorite color.

Hand And Footprint Kits

These kits make an ideal gift for the new mom and they are so much fun to use. You can pick them up for about $10 and mom can display the baby’s print in a shadowbox.


Lucky charms won’t break your budget since you can easily find them for less than $10; have them engraved to add a personal touch. Popular charms to give a mom-to-be are hearts, little frogs, princesses or crosses.

Plant A Tree

Look around online and you’ll find some organizations that plant trees for as little as $1. Not only will you be giving a unique gift, you’ll also be helping the environment. Mom will receive a certificate bearing the name of her baby, where the tree is and any personalized note you wish to add.

Baby Progress Website

Help mom and dad keep everyone up to date with the baby’s progress by giving them a personalized website. That way everyone can see how quickly the baby is growing up, the ups and downs of teething, the first words and the first steps.

Decorated Clay Pots

Pick up some clay pots from a local gardening store for less than $10 and paint them in different pastel colors for mom to use as storage jars. Use different baby-related stencils such as cute bunnies or flowers.

Pamper Mom

With the excitement of the baby, everyone will be focussing on the new arrival. Treat mom to some pampering goodies so she doesn’t feel totally left out. A great way to reward her for all her hard work is to give her a coupon that says you promise to baby sit whenever she’s busy. She’ll love this.