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10 Best Bridal Shower Favors For Guests To Get

A great way to make your bridal shower memorable is to give out special souvenirs – or shower favors – to your guests. A unique, practical and thoughtful gift will serve as a reminder of your special celebration for years to come. Below are 10 of the most popular favors on the market today.


Coasters make practical gifts that are budget-friendly and durable. Make them extra special by inserting a photograph of the wedding party or the bride and the groom. You could even print the wedding or shower date on the coaster to make it even more personal.

Key rings

Key rings are great because they’re used by just about everyone and can reflect the theme of the shower or wedding. There are numerous options on the market that can tie in the shower colors, the bride’s interests or the party theme.


Paperweights are incredibly useful and make attractive additions to the bridal shower setting. Choose one that links in the theme or the colors of the bridal shower.

Manicure sets

Manicure sets are always a popular option. Choose from a great range of colors and designs to match the bridal shower setting.

Flip Flops

Sandals are the perfect present for a summer themed wedding. Every time your guests look down, they’ll be reminded of your fantastic bridal shower. Your girlfriends will love these practical favors, which come in a great range of colors and patterns – even “Thank You” prints and wedding designs.

Spa Sets

Beauty and spa gifts make luxurious favors and are a particularly special way to say thank you. Scented soaps, bubble baths and bath salts are ideal for all the ladies at the party. Pamper products are certainly a real treat.

Lip Balm

The latest craze in shower favors are personalized lip balm. Choose from a huge range of colors, flavors and patterns to make your guests smile.

Scented Sachets

Every time your guests open their closet or drawer, they’ll be reminded of the special time shared at your bridal shower. These divine little trinkets come in an array of wedding prints such as wedding dresses and will keep your linen smelling sweet.

Love Notes

Little declarations of love have made their way onto the market and inside gorgeous heart-covered boxes. Share the love around and treat your guests to a healthy dose of love with these popular products.

Be Boxes

These hand painted wooden boxes are the perfect place for your guests to store their special knick-knacks and jewelry. Environmentally friendly, they boast vintage designs and cool colors to match your shower theme. Untie the satin ribbon and open the Be Box to find a framed picture and phrases such as “Be Mine” or “Be A Diva”. These certainly make fabulous favors for your favorite ladies.