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You have decided to host a bridal shower for a friend or relative; naturally, you will want the event to be special for the bride and fun for all the guests. If you are looking for unique ideas as far as themes, food, invitations, decorations and games, you have come to the right place. You will find everything you will need on this one bridal shower website, from interesting games and activities, to wonderful themes and ideas to keep the theme flowing throughout the whole event.

Bridal Shower Ideas

There are loads of wonderful bridal shower ideas available in books and online and you may have some good ones yourself. Ask for input from the bride as she may already have some great ideas herself. Firstly, look for ideas for the theme, as this pretty much determines everything else. The theme itself will give you lots of ideas for the food, decorations and invitations, to help you make this bridal shower a unique and memorable experience. Look for ideas from nature, in the bride's interests or the season.

Bridal Shower Invitations

Invitations for the bridal shower are very important as they set the tone for the whole event. Set the scene for the shower with the style of the invitations, as well as giving all the necessary information. Keep to your theme and be as creative as you like; make the guests really want to attend! If you aren't particularly creative yourself, enlist the assistance of a talented friend to help you. In this section of the website, we give you lots of help with the wording, design and style of bridal shower invitations.

Bridal Shower Games Fun!

Games have become an integral part of bridal showers and they do help guests relax, get to know each other and have fun. Decide on games that make guests want to be involved, are simple to explain and can have more than one winner. We have lots of ideas about the best kinds of games and how they should be played. Choose games that suit your theme, the bride and those she wants to invite. Always check the suitability with the bride to make sure that everyone will enjoy themselves.

Bridal Shower Themes

A theme to your bridal shower helps to tie everything together and can actually help in the planning and organization. Themes can be simple or elaborate and inspiration can be found all around you. Consider the bride's personality and interests when choosing a theme; maybe a color can be the theme, or a season or local custom. When choosing a theme, consider how all the other elements will be able to tie in; in fact, sometimes it is another element that suggests the whole theme. Keep an open mind, talk to friends who have been to bridal showers, look at the section on themes in this website for more ideas.

Bridal Shower Planning Advice

Having offered to host the bridal shower, it is time to get into the planning. Consult with the bride before making any decisions and make sure you keep her wishes in mind. Hosting an important event like a bridal shower is certainly a lot of work but, with careful planning, it will be a great success. Write a plan of the main elements, like theme, invitations, food, games etc, with a time that the preparation has to be finished by. Then create mini-lists within each of these elements, to make sure you have everything covered. Don't be afraid to ask for help; this is better than becoming overwhelmed by the whole process. With careful planning, you will be able to relax and enjoy the bridal shower as much as the bride and her guests.

Bridal and Wedding Shower Gifts

Ask the bride if she has any special requirements as far as the gifts are concerned. She might want to set up a gift registry or want a particular type of gift; these details need to be included in the invitations. Maybe she has a particular color-scheme in mind; this could even be the theme of the shower. Sometimes, a bridal shower is called a Kitchen Tea or a Cellar Tea, indicating the type of gift that is considered appropriate. As guests arrive, their gift is usually placed in a central location. Later, the bride may open the gifts, as part of the proceedings, helped by her bridesmaids or mother.

Bridal and Wedding Shower Favors

One of the most entertaining aspects of planning a bridal shower is organizing the games and contests that will be played during the event. However, you can’t forget about prizes for those little competitions. Whether funny or serious, useful or frivolous, they help add to everyone’s enjoyment. It is also important to create a favor bag or basket for each guest to take home as a thank-you for their attendance. We have many ideas on prizes and bridal shower favors so you can choose those that will be perfect for your event.

Bridal Shower Food

The food and drink you serve add to the enjoyment of the bridal shower. The time of day and the venue will help to decide on the type of food that is most appropriate, as will the formality and the theme, which can be carried through into the food as well. Try not to take on more than you can manage and ask for helpers to prepare food in advance. Some hostesses ask a couple of their own friends, who are not invited to the shower, to help out in the kitchen on the day.

Bridal Shower Etiquette

These days, we are not so burdened with etiquette as in years gone by but there are still certain rules that need to be taken into consideration at a bridal shower. Make sure you include a dress code on the invitations as well as an RSVP date. It is important to be considerate of different generations, nationalities and religions when considering the venue, food, drink and activities that will be included. The bride is the best person to consult, as she will know her guests. You want the bridal shower to be an event everyone remembers, for all the right reasons.

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